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James Cameron Net Worth 2023 - Age, Movies, Awards, Earnings, Hobbies

James Cameron Net Worth - Age, Spouse, Kids, Monthly Income

🤑 In 2023,
James Cameron
Net Worth:
$800 Million

James Cameron Net Worth & Biography

Net worth:$800 Million
Name:James Cameron
Date of Birth:August 16, 1954
Age:68 Years Old
Height:6 ft 3 in (188 cm)
Marital Status:Married to Sharon Williams (m. 1978; div. 1984),
Gale Anne Hurd ​(m. 1985; div. 1989)​
Kathryn Bigelow (m. 1989; div. 1991)​, Linda Hamilton (m. 1997; div. 1999), ​
Suzy Amis ​(m. 2000)
Monthly Income:$5 Million
Popular as:Innovative Special-Effects Films, Expansive Vision

James Cameron Biography

James Cameron’s Net Worth, Age, Biography, Wife, Height, Weight, and many more details can be checked on this page. James Francis Cameron CC is a Canadian filmmaker. Best known for his epic and science fiction films. He first became famous as the director of The Terminator (1984).

James Cameron Net Worth is $800 Million. James Cameron, Canadian filmmaker known for his expansive vision and innovative special-effects films, most notably Titanic (1997), for which he won an Academy Award for best director, and Avatar (2009).

James Cameron Net Worth in 2023

NameJames Cameron
Net Worth 2023$800 Million
Monthly Income & Earnings$5 Million +
Yearly Earnings$60 Million +
Income SourceFilm making
Last Updated[September] [2022]

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Early Life

James Francis Cameron was born on August 16, 1954, in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada, to Phillip and Shirley Cameron. Cameron received his education at ‘Stamford Collegiate School’ in Ontario, and later at ‘Troy High School’ in California. He enrolled in ‘Fullerton College’ for a Physics course but dropped out before graduating. While working as a truck driver to support himself, this aspiring filmmaker learned everything he could about special effects in movies.

Personal Life

  • Cameron has had five marriages. James Cameron’s wife’s name is Ѕuzу Аmіѕ [m. 2000], Lіndа Наmіltоn [m. 1997-1999], Каthrуn Віgеlоw [m. 1989-1991], Gаlе Аnnе Нurd [m. 1985-1989] аnd Ѕhаrоn Wіllіаmѕ Јаmеѕ Саmеrоn [m. 1978-1984].
  • James has a daughter named Josephine with Linda Hamilton, and three children with Suzy.
Real NameCanadian filmmaker
FatherPhillip Cameron
MotherShirley Cameron
SiblingsJohn David Cameron, Mike Cameron
SpouseSuzy Amis (M. 2000), Gale Anne Hurd (1985-1989), Kathryn Bigelow (1989-1991), Linda Hamilton (1997-1999), Sharon Williams (1978-1984)
ChildrenClaire Cameron, Elizabeth Rose Cameron, Josephine Archer Cameron, Quinn Cameron
Relationship StatusMarried


  • In 1978, James Cameron was inspired by ‘Screenplay,’ a book by American screenwriter Syd Field, and wrote the script for the film ‘Xenogenesis.’ The script was a ten-minute sci-fi film shot in 35mm reel.
  • Soon after, he was hired by ‘Roger Corman Studios’ to create miniature models for low-budget films. He was later hired as the art director for the 1980 film ‘Battle Beyond the Stars.’ Over the next two years, he worked on science fiction films such as ‘Escape from New York,’ ‘Galaxy of Terror,’ and ‘Android.’
  • At the same time, he began work on ‘Piranha II: The Spawning,’ a sequel to the earlier sci-fi horror film ‘Piranha.’ He began as the special effects supervisor, and later as the director. He was fired for failing to capture a close-up shot of Carole Davis while filming the film. He stayed behind, however, to work as an assistant director for producer Ovidio Assonitis.
  • James’ first major project, ‘The Terminator,’ was released in 1984 by ‘Pacific Western Productions,’ which was owned by his former colleague Gale Anne Hurd. The film, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, was made on a $6.5 million budget but grossed more than $78 million.
  • Cameron wrote the screenplay for ‘Rambo: First Blood Part II.’ Sylvester Stallone later edited the film after it was released in 1985. The film, directed by George P. Cosmatos, was a box office smash.
  • In 1986, James released ‘Aliens,’ a sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1979 film ‘Alien.’ The film was a huge success, grossing millions of dollars. It also received several ‘Academy Award’ nominations.
  • Cameron’s next film, ‘The Abyss,’ was released in 1989, and starred Ed Harris and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. The film, which boasted of real underwater shooting, was made on a $41 million budget.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton reprised their roles from the previous film in ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day,’ which was released in 1991. The film grossed more than $500 million worldwide and won four ‘Oscars,’ including ‘Best Visual Effects,’ ‘Best Makeup,’ ‘Best Sound Mixing,’ and ‘Best Sound Effects Editing.’
  • In 1993, the director formed a company called ‘Digital Domain’ with special effects experts Scott Ross and Stan Winston. The California-based company is well-known for producing spectacular special effects for films.
  • The cult film ‘Titanic,’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, was released in 1997. It failed to generate enough revenue in the first few weeks despite having a high budget of $200 million. However, it quickly won over audiences, becoming the highest-grossing film of all time, grossing $600.8 million. It amassed a staggering $2 billion worldwide.
  • From 2000 to 2002, the famous director shifted to television series, creating the sci-fi show ‘Dark Angel,’ starring Jessica Alba.
  • For the next few years, he focused on documentary filmmaking under the banner of ‘Earthship Productions.’ Documentaries such as ‘Expedition: Bismarck,’ ‘Ghosts of the Abyss,’ ‘Aliens of the Deep,’ and ‘The Lost Tomb of Jesus’ were created by the remarkable director.
  • He also produced the film ‘Solaris,’ which starred George Clooney. The film was directed by Steven Soderbergh.
  • The 3D version of the film ‘Avatar’ was released in 2009. The film, which starred Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and Sigourney Weaver, was a technical marvel. Cameron directed, co-produced, and wrote it, and its technicalities were groundbreaking in the world of cinema. The film grossed $1 billion, breaking Titanic’s record as the highest-grossing film.
  • Two years later, the talented director served as executive producer on the Australian 3D film ‘Sanctum.’

Assets & Properties

  • Since the days of filming the Titanic, James Cameron has owned a fleet of submarines.
  • Cameron owns a mansion called Milabu, which measures 8,272 square feet. There are six bedrooms and seven bathrooms in this mansion. James Cameron lives in Los Angeles with his wife Suzy Amis and their three children. The house has a tennis court, a swimming pool, a gourmet kitchen, an interior garden and courtyard, a guest house, and an indoor cinema.

Cars & Houses

  • James Cameron owns three Harley Davidson motorcycles and one Ducati 848 EVO, as well as a seven-seater luxury car “Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Tesla S, Chevrolet Volt, and Corvette.”

Awards & Achievements

Academy Awards (Oscars)

  • 1998 – Best Picture – Titanic (1997)
  • 1998 – Best Director – Titanic (1997)
  • 1998 – Best Film Editing – Titanic (1997)

Golden Globe Awards

  • 2010 – Best Director – Motion Picture – Avatar (2009)
  • 1998 – Best Director – Motion Picture – Titanic (1997)
  • From 1998 to 2004, he received honorary doctorates from several universities, including ‘Carleton University,’ Ottawa, ‘Brock University,’ Ontario, ‘Ryerson University,’ Toronto, ‘California State University,’ Fullerton, and ‘University of Southampton,’ England.
  • The filmmaker received the ‘Visual Effects Society Lifetime Achievement Award’ for the film ‘Avatar’ in 2010.
  • The following year, he topped the ‘Guardian Film Power 100’ list and was named one of ‘The World’s 50 Most Influential Figures’ by the British magazine ‘New Statesman.’

James Cameron’s Year-wise Net Worth – Last 5 Years

Following table is the last 5 years net worth figures of James Cameron Net Worth

James Cameron Net Wort Net Worth – Year WiseNet Worth in $
Net Worth in 2023$800 Million
Net Worth in 2021$723 Million
Net Worth in 2020$612 Million
Net Worth in 2019$574 Million
Net Worth in 2018$490 Million

James Cameron Net Worth Social Media Profile

FacebookJames Cameron | Facebook
TwitterJames Cameron (@JimCameron) / Twitter
InstagramJames Cameron (@jamescameronofficial) • Instagram photos and videos

Top 10 James Cameron Movies

  • Titanic (1997)
  • The Terminator (1984)
  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)
  • Avatar (2009)
  • Aliens (1986)
  • The Abyss (1989)
  • True Lies (1994)
  • Alita: Battle Angel (2018)
  • T2 3-D: Battle Across Time (1996)
  • The Game Changers (2018)

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is James Cameron vegan?

Cameron has been a vegan for several years and has become an outspoken advocate for an end to animal agriculture for both health and environmental reasons. “I think what we need in 20 or 30 years is a nice transition to a meatless or relatively meatless world,” he said.

Why is Avatar 2 taking so long?

James Cameron needed to Get Underwater CGI Right. Simply put, the main reason for the 13-year wait for the Avatar sequels is their lengthy pre-production period, which is a result of Cameron’s commitment to the special effects that set Avatar apart from other films of its time in the first place.

What was James Cameron’s biggest movie?

Cameron directed, wrote, and produced the epic romantic disaster film Titanic in 1997, which grossed over $1.84 billion worldwide and became the highest grossing film of all time.

What movies is James Cameron famous for?

James Cameron is a Canadian filmmaker known for his broad vision and innovative special-effects films, most notably Titanic (1997), for which he received an Academy Award for best director, and Avatar (2001). (2009).

Final Words

James Francis Cameron is a Canadian filmmaker. Cameron is best known for his work in science fiction and epic films, and he co-founded the production companies Lightstorm Entertainment, Digital Domain, and Earthship Productions. In addition to filmmaking, he is a National Geographic Sea explorer and has produced numerous documentaries on the subject.

As of January 2023, James Francis’s net worth is $800 million.

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