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Ridley Scott Net Worth 2023 - Family, Wife, Best Films, Awards, Earnings

Ridley Scott Net Worth - Wife, Age, Kids, Upcoming Movies

🤑 In 2023,
Ridley Scott
Net Worth:
$450 Million

Ridley Scott Net Worth & Biography

Net worth:$450 Million
Name:Ridley Scott
Date of Birth:November 30, 1937
Age:85 Years Old
Height:5 ft 8 in (174 cm)
Occupation:Hollywood Director
Marital Status:Married to Felicity Heywood (m. 1964; div. 1975), ​ Sandy Watson (m. 1979; div. 1989), Giannina Facio ​(m. 2015)​
Monthly Income:$42,000
Popular as:Best British Film Director, Producer

Ridley Scott Biography

Ridley Scott is an English film producer and director who is widely regarded as one of Hollywood’s biggest names. Ridley Scott is best known for his science-fiction horror films, including the cult classic “Alien” and the science-fiction existential drama “Blade Runner.” Scott, who grew up in an army family, has always loved movies. Ridley Scott Networth, age, Biography, Education, family personal life, Wife, children, siblings, Affairs, films, Awards, etc. information are given here. So, read the article for more relevant details about Ridley Scott Networth.

As of January 2023, Ridley Scott estimated net worth is $450 Million.

Ridley Scott Net worth in 2023

NameRidley Scott
Net Worth 2023$450 Million
Monthly Income & Earnings$1 Million
Yearly Earnings$20 Million
Income SourceDirection, Production
Last UpdatedJanuary 2023

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  • Who is Ridley Scott married to?
  • What did Ridley Scott direct?
  • What religion is Ridley Scott?
  • Has Ridley Scott ever won an Oscar?

Early Life

  • Sir Ridley Scott was born on November 30, 1937, into a highly respected military family in County Durham, England, UK. His father was a member of the British armed forces. Ridley’s father was largely absent from his life because he was born just before the start of the Second World War. As a result, his mother raised him and his two brothers.
  • Scott had two brothers, one older and one younger. Ridley Scott’s older brother decided to join the ‘British Merchant Navy,’ leaving the family while he was still a child. As a result, Ridley had a lonely childhood. Ridley also experienced continuous anxiety about his father’s health.
  • Scott attended ‘Grangefield Grammar School,’ where Ridley began reading science-fiction short stories by various authors. This appeared to be the most effective way for him to divert his attention away from his loneliness and problems. Ridley Scott became addicted to dystopian stories with strong existential themes over time. His future career as a prolific storyteller in the same genre was shaped by this.
  • Ridley Scott enrolled in the ‘Royal College of Art,’ a highly prestigious institution in London, after receiving a diploma in design. This was Ridley’s attempt to retain his artistic side, and it was here that he had his first brush with filmmaking and fell in love with the art of motion pictures.

Personal Life

  • Ridley Scott was married to Felicity Heywood between 1964 and 1975. The couple had two sons, Jake and Luke.
  • Ridley later married advertising executive Sandy Watson in 1979 and had a daughter, Jordan Scott. Ten years later, this marriage also ended in divorce.
  • Scott’s current wife is actress Giannina Facio, who has appeared in nearly all of Ridley’s films. He married her in 2015.
  • Ridley Scott splits his time between London, France, and Los Angeles.
  • Scott had a special bond with his brothers. Ridley’s elder brother died of skin cancer when he was 45 years old. As a result, Ridley dedicated his film ‘Blade Runner’ to him.
  • Tony, Scott’s younger brother and a film director, died after jumping from the ‘Vincent Thomas Bridge’ in 2012. Ridley and Tony had collaborated on numerous projects.
Ridley Scott with his wife
NameSir Ridley Scott 
FatherFrancis Percy Scott
MotherElizabeth Jean Scott
SiblingsTony Scott
SpouseFelicity Heywood (M. 1964 – Div.1975), Sandy Watson (M.1979 – Div.1989), Giannina Facio (M. 2015)
ChildrenSons – Jake Scott, Luke Scott,
Daughter – Jordan Scott
Relationship StatusMarried to Giannina Facio (2015)
DivorceFelicity Heywood (1975), Sandy Watson (1989),


  • The Duellists (1977) was Ridley Scott’s first feature film as a director. It was shot in Europe and was nominated for the main prize at the Cannes Film Festival, where it also won an award for Best Debut Film.
  • In 1979, he accepted the director’s chair for ‘Aliens.’ It was a science-fiction horror film that became a huge international success and earned a lot of respect and admiration. The film has since become a cult classic, winning ‘Saturn Awards’ for ‘Best Science Fiction Film’ and ‘Best Director.’
  • ‘Blade Runner,’ a 1982 science-fiction saga about a humanoid and his existential crisis, was Ridley’s third film. The film was well received by critics. Despite being a box-office flop, the film has gained cult status over time.
  • Ridley Scott quickly established himself as an enigmatic Hollywood director, directing films such as the 1985 fantasy film ‘Legend,’ starring Tom Cruise in the lead role. ‘Black Rain,’ another film directed by him, starred Michael Douglas as a cop on a mission to Japan. Both films were well-received both critically and commercially.
  • The 1991 road movie ‘Thelma & Louise’ was a box office smash and was nominated for six ‘Academy Awards,’ including one for ‘Best Director.’ Scott had surpassed his idol Stanley Kubrick in terms of fame by that point.
  • Ridley Scott’s later film, ‘1492: Conquest of Paradise,’ was a critical and commercial flop. Ridley had to take a break from directing for a while as a result of this. Meanwhile, Ridley produced two movies, ‘Monkey Trouble’ and ‘Browning Version.’
  • Scott returned to directing with the 1996 film ‘White Squall,’ which was another flop. His next project, ‘G.I. Jane’ was also a flop. His charm seemed to be fading, and Scott needed to do something extraordinary to keep his career going.
  • He took another break from directing and focused on his career as a producer, with the series ‘The Hunger,’ loosely based on his younger brother, Tony Scott’s, 1983 film. Ridley produced another film, ‘Clay Pigeons,’ before taking another stab at directing.
  • Ridley Scott returned to directing in 2000 with the Roman epic ‘Gladiator,’ starring Russell Crowe. The film was a huge success worldwide, and in addition to making Russell Crowe an international star, it redeemed Ridley’s career by winning five ‘Academy Awards,’ including ‘Best Picture.’
  • He returned to direct the sequel to the 1991 blockbuster ‘Silence of the Lambs,’ titled ‘Hannibal,’ in 2001. Despite a massive box office opening, the film received mixed reviews from critics.
  • Ridley Scott was nominated for another ‘Academy Award for the war film ‘Black Hawk Down.’ Following that was the low-budget film ‘Matchstick Men,’ which was a moderate box-office success.
  • Scott’s 2005 film ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ sparked heated debate. The film was considered a moderate success at the box office upon its initial release, but Ridley blamed its relative failure on studio executives who had asked him to cut 45 minutes from the film. The film’s director’s cut was released in 2006 and received far more favorable reviews than the theatrical version. It is now considered one of the director’s best works.
  • The 2007 film ‘American Gangster’ was based on the true story of Frank Lucas, a well-known drug lord. The film received positive reviews upon its initial release, and Ridley was nominated for ‘Best Director at the ‘Golden Globes.’
  • His following two films, ‘Body of Lies and ‘Robin Hood,’ were moderate box-office successes. Ridley was planning a prequel to ‘Alien,’ titled ‘Prometheus,’ according to news reports in 2009. The film, which starred Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron, was released in 2012 after a three-year production period. It was a critical and financial success.
  • Famous author Cormac McCarthy asked Ridley Scott to direct a film based on his screenplay after being impressed with his directing abilities. The film, titled ‘The Counselor,’ received widespread critical and commercial acclaim. Ridley followed it up with ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings,’ starring Christian Bale. It received mixed reviews from critics but was a huge box office success.
  • With his 2015 film ‘The Martian,’ Ridley Scott returned to his science-fiction roots, starring Matt Damon as a man stranded on Mars. The film received positive reviews from critics and went on to become Ridley’s highest-grossing film of all time.
  • ‘Alien: Covenant,’ Scott’s next film, was released in May 2017. It was a follow-up to ‘Prometheus.’ Critics praised the film, calling it his “return to form.” The film grossed a lot of money at the box office and was dubbed one of the year’s biggest blockbusters.
  • The sequel to his 1982 cult classic ‘Blade Runner,’ titled ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ was then executive produced by him. The film was released in October 2017 to rave reviews, with some critics describing it as a modern classic.

Assets & Properties

Scott, who was knighted by the Queen of England in 2003, lives in London and owns a home and a 20-acre vineyard in the Luberon.

Cars & Houses

Ridley Scott lives here part-time on what is arguably Los Angeles’ most expensive street. He paid $5.3 million for the Holmby Hills home in 1996.

Awards & Achievements

Primetime Emmy Awards

  • 2011 – Outstanding Nonfiction Special – Gettysburg (2011)
  • 2002 – Outstanding Made for Television Movie – The Gathering Storm (2002)

Ridley Scott’s Year-wise Net Worth – Last 5 Years

Following table is the last 5 years net worth figures of Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott Net Worth – Year WiseNet Worth in $
Net Worth in 2023$450 Million
Net Worth in 2021$415 Million
Net Worth in 2020$373 Million
Net Worth in 2019$335 Million
Net Worth in 2018$310 Million

Ridley Scott Social Media Profile

InstagramRidley Scott Creative Group (@ridleyscottcg) • Instagram photos and videos

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

What was Ridley Scott’s first film as a director?

Ridley Scott’s first film as a director was The Duellists (1977), set in Napoleonic France. At the Cannes Film Festival, the film was named best first-feature.

Which films by Ridley Scott are considered classics?

Alien (1979), a science-fiction-horror story, and Blade Runner (1982), a dystopian fable based on a Philip K. Dick novel and notable for Scott’s vision of a bleak future, are both widely regarded as classics.

What is Ridley Scott’s next film?

Following the release of two films in 2021, the director will attempt again with his upcoming historical biopic, Napoleon, based on the titular political and military leader.

What is Ridley Scott’s most famous film?

“Blade Runner” is not only Ridley Scott’s masterpiece; it is also one of the best science fiction films ever made.

Final Words

Ridley Scott is a well-known English film producer and director. He has received numerous nominations for prestigious awards such as the ‘Emmy Award,’ the ‘Academy Award,’ and the ‘Golden Globe Award.’ He has also received two ‘Emmies.’

As of January 2023, Ridley Scott’s net worth is $450 million.

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